This drills are destinated to work the technic of the receive.

Receive after moving :

4 to  6 players formed a line with a ball each.
In opposite a receiver (without ball) who move quicky on the line way and make receives on each balls spiked by the « players' line » directed to the setter.

For a better receive :

Game with 2 players on each side of the net. The receivers made « manchette » without going out the « 3 meters zone ».
After each ball contact, player must touch a line or dig.

Receive Game:

4 teams of  2 players on on a small court (4,5 m X 4,5 m)
Game in opposing on R.P.S.
Engage by low serve, players must come in alternatively on the court (obligation of going out after ball's contact).

Receive & Dig :

5 to 9 players with a ball each make a circle.
Inside a receiver (without ball) who must dig all the balls spike or falling in the area).