The setter was the boss on the court. He decidade the kind of set, his hitter.
He must know all the set technic and have a good perception of  the game.

Set after moving :

3 players make a « quadrille », this payers must set the ball on a watch mouvment, the setter move in the goal of no break the chain.

Forward Set :

By team of 3 players in line. 1 set to2 who make a forward set to 3(after the contact 2 turn over 3), 3 set to 2 for a forward set to 1 etc...

Setter Training :

Opposition game (3 X 3) (7 players only 1 setter for the 2 teams.
No spike or bloxk but only overhand set.

Setter Perception :

5 players & 1 setter on a side, 1 or 2 blockers in front of them.
Coach serve, work of the receivers on the right setter who choose the kind of attack on his hitter in function of the blockers' positions.