Spike with set on the right side,

Only fews drills.

Introducing to the Hit with setter on right side :

1 setter, players made 3 collums on positions 2, 3 & 4.
The coach forward the net with balls at 5 meters of the setter.
Forearm pass to the setter  who announced his hitter and the spike option (short, half, straight, forward, etc.…)

The Cross :

Like this first drill but with 2 blockers on  front of spikers.
The hitters must spike with a « cross system » (right or false) depending of the blockers' position.

Evolution : Serve, Receive, Set, Spike, Defense :

9 players : on Serve  : 5 (3 Receiv. + 1 Blocker + 1 Setter)
                 on Receive  : 4 (3 Receiv--Hitter. + 1 Setter)
Back row attack only for the serving team. Hitters became diggers.
Receiving team, building of offensive spike with 3 hitters on the net.