In order to allow you to manage in the anglophone or french sites, I have compiled my various notes and have completed a lexicon of the Volleyball terms (French to English).
This dictionary is consultable below while cliking on the ball.
If you wish to save it on you computer (Excel File), send me an E-Mail with for object. « VB Lexicon ».

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I'll close a summary synthesis (only direct the broad outline) on this subject.
For the moment, I have only created one special audio compilation « Motivation & Relax » (with ORIGINAL CD of wich I'm owner)
Its use is strictly reserved for a private use (looker rooms) could not use for a public diffusion object.
To reach the list of the compiled titles, click on the link below.

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I met considerable problems in order to allow the download my apllications which I created on Excel.
To receiced this files, please send me an E-Mail with this following subject : « VB Applications » by clickin on the coach.


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