We can easily dissect the fundamental priciples of VolleyBall in 6 categories, namely :


Action to bring into play the ball.

Lauch the ball in front of oneself opposite the soulder of the arm striking.
Arm the arm with striking bachwards, the slightly open hand, interdependent of the arm.
Advance the chest and the basin, accelerate the arm and strike. Striking is carried out tended arm, in a dry gesture without leaving the ball of the glance.


Shares to receive the ball after a serve.

Slightly bent legs, move quickly opposite the ball.
Block the supports by always keeping the bent legs, shouders ahead, back rounded, arm ahead delivery of the ball with the front armlevers while keeping the weight of the body ahead.
Accompany the ball toward the setter.


Shares to distriubute the ball to an hitter.

Block the supports by keeping the bent legs. Take the ball with the top of the face, push support postpones forwards, extension of the arms and the legs.
The contact with the ball is carried out drawn aside fingers, with the inch, the index and the major one in priority.
Accompany the gesture.


Shares « to return » the ball toward the other camp.

Carry out one race of dash and accelrate on the last tread. Arm backwards, block the heels while bringing back the arms forwards.
Vertical impulse, bneding of the lengs backwards, arm the arm with striking and « aim » with the other, cut down the arm of striking.
Accelerate the arm, opened hand, arm tended with one whipped of the wrist at the time of the contact.


Action to block the unfavourable attack on the net.

Place itself on the axis of striling of the unfavourable spiker. Semi-bent legs, arm on the level of the shoulders, blok the supports, inflection of the legs and extension after the jump of the spicker.
Raise the arms, opened hands, go to the meeting of the ball.


Shares to go up an unfavourable spike.

Fast displacement compared to striking. Arms semi-bent, body formwards, pass « under the ball », the soulders directed towards the passor.
Deaden the ball and accompaned it forwards.